Visit To A Dark City

Its dark around, the place is full of crowd;
Different names, different thoughts, they all look sad.

Paths are thirsty, the thirst of light;
Faces are dull, they need to shine.

Eyes are full of dreams, they look at me with hopes;
They are unaware that I’m no one.

My colourful attire attracts them;
Reliant on me for the colours of life.

The wounded hearts, the enigmatic eyes;
The banal brain, they are sure its hell.

I am unable to light the lamp;
the menace darkness is hindering the light.

The flood of light is gleaming outside;
Veil on their eyes concealing it.

They themselves can help them;
Only they can remove the veil.

They have so much inside them;
Poors are unaware of their originality, the reality.

I wish I could bring the colours of life;
But thirsty need to go to water by himself.

Yes I can show them the path, will do it too;
They will knit the colourful threads by themselves.

They will unlock the door, the flood will come inside;
In the flow of happiness they will dance and sing.

Their dreams will fulfill, they themselves will make it true;
They’ll make their path to the world which is very new.

The untouched, the raw, the pure and beautiful;
The place where they can inhale the light, and can recognize their originality, the reality.



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