LONELINESS AND SOCIAL ISOLATION ” Theory and my practical experience”

Shady Wisdom

Sitting in a public park, I was feeding the fishes with the bread pieces of the small pool. My feet were inside the cold water and eyes were witnessing the fight for eating, as usual tricksters were filling their stomach. It was weekend so there was a huge crowd around. Families, friends, couples and some dogs were enjoying the undulating breeze and their edibles were working as the appetizer of fishes present in abundance, simultaneously. Once again I was not having anyone along with me, and was low too. I was looking around to inhale the ebullience present there, but something was restricting to let it go inside. Before I could find out that restricting emotion, I saw that the sky is getting dark and people are leaving for their respective homes and I too had to go for my room.

I am two year old to this city. Having…

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