My request to all the three hands of each & every clock on this Earth,

You worked a lot, now stop and take a few breathes.


My dear Mother Earth, hold on your revolution,

The face resting on my shoulder, the prettiest I have ever seen.


Raises her head a little, when her eyes urges to meet mine,

Twinkle of eyes gives assurance of her being with the prince charming.


Ohh magical eyes, now the four have a long conversation,

They argue on the lengths of ALWAYS  & FOREVER, that long they want to remain together.


We blink in the sink, can’t afford to miss a single word,

As a pause to the conversation, she downs her head and hugs me more tight.


Our palms are too hugging, may almighty match our lines,

Our love is transcend of time, will exist until an eternity.


Holding her face, my thumbs on the world’s most silky chicks,

Pearls from her eyes are rolling down to my nails.


She too caressing the salty water from my eyes,

Wetting her palms, my tears are flowing on her lines.


Kiss on her forehead, she gives herself to me,

Most gentle lips on mine, closes her eyes for a while.


She makes my every moment meaningful, my every breathe worthy,

Our hearts beat together, and just for each other.


Want to forget my existence, my name and work,

My EVERYTHING is with me, why do I need them all?


The most generous heart is now mine, my soul is her all,

Pray to the God, to keep us together ever and forever.


She pulled out me from darkness; my turn is to give her light,

She will remain my princess and we’ll live in our castle for the entire life.





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